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You are visiting the first website address that we had. We have since created new sites. The URLs for them are:



For your convenience we have made sure that the navigational buttons will take you to our WoodworkingforWatercraft.com or Boatwoodwork.com web pages. Thank you for visiting us.


Custom Fine Woodworking

Woodworking for Watercraft is a custom fine Woodworking for marine applications. All woodwork is created by a master Carpenter and custom built to your specifications.

If you need a custom:

Swim Platform, Bow Pulpit,
Hatch, Table,
Cabin Sole, Cockpit Sole,
Teak Hand Rails, Gas Powered Teak Clad High - Low Bases,
Decking, Furniture
Engineered teak & holly plywood.
OR any marine item made of hardwood.

Teak and Holly Table Bow Pulpit
Rounded Swim Platform Teak and Holly Cabin Sole



Pre-manufactured Items

Boatwoodwork.com has premanufactured teak and poly platforms, ladders, support brackets, teak tables and chairs.


Swim Platform Stainless Steel Support Brackets
Swim Teak Step Ladder